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Tab for "Yellow Ledbetter" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Song Title: Yellow Ledbetter
Artist: Pearl Jam

guitar solo/intro:
      8 bars

verse:  <this is the standard bassline ament puts down and is played through
        most of the song>  <there are many(way too many to tab down!) embellished
        and improvised versions of this riff that ament plays throughout
        the song>   <just experiment with it and let your soul take over>  

       E            B           A           E

         this riff is played about 13x (wow!)


                E     B       A            E     B       A
"..i don't wanna stay.....alone.."

                 E     B       A            E     B       A


      B/D#  E      B          B/D#  E       A    *harmonic                 

      B/D#  E      B          B/D#  E        A            E

<if you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me at
                           and keep on jammin'>

Submitted by:  Whisper (

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