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Tab for "Throw Your Arms Around Me" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Pearl Jam-Throw Your Arms Around Me
Tabbed by Luke(or in some cases, Lukin)

Standard Tuning-EADGBE

Intro- E A E B

Verse 1

        E                     A   E                              B
I will come to you at daytime,    I will wake you from your sleep,

        E                     A   E                              B
I will kiss you in four places,    As I go running down your street,


           E                                 A                 E                  B
And I will squeeze the life right out of you, I will make you laugh and make you cry,

           E              A        E                           A                          B
And we may never forget it, As I make you call my name, as you shout it, to the blue summer sky


           E               A      E                     B
And we may never meet again, so shed your skin lets get started,

             E     A          B
And you will throw-- your arms around me! (2X)


Verse 2

        E                   A E                       B
I will come to at night-time, I will climb in to your bed,

       E                                       A    E                                B
I will kiss you in a hundred and ninety-five places, as I go swimming round in your head,



Then play E, A, and then B while singing the "heys" and the "ohs"

slow it down and then play this after four of the above:

              E    A                   E    A                  E     A             BBBBBBBBBBBBBB
And you will thro----w, And you will thro----w, and you will thro----w, your arms.......around me!

And there you have it! Eddie did this alone in Indianapolis in 2000. Enjoy!!!
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