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Tab for "Thin Air" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Pearl Jam, Thin Air.
 Tabbed by Ivan Montenegro,
Song: Thin Air
Album: Binaural

Subscripted by: Ivan Montenegro

I tried to do my best, I just have been playing for 10 months and if you have any
corrections please let me know it to my e-mail:


E   022100
C   032010 
D   000232
F   133211
G   320033
A   002220

                    E                        C   E
There-s a light when my baby is in my arms,

                    E                         C      E
There-s a light when my window shades are drawn,

            E                C             E
Hesitate when I feel I may do harm to her,

             E                     C         E
Was it all -cause this feeling we can share-?


                C                         D    A      E
And I know she reached my heart- in thin air.


Its wrong--..but that-s what it sounded to me.!!!

            E                C                     E
Byzantine is reflected in our pond,

               E                       C                   E
There-s a cloud but the water remains calm,

            E                        C                E
Reaching in  the suns fingers clutch the dawn to pass,

         E                    C                   E   
Even out it-s a precious thin to bear.

Then play the chorus twice.

        F                C                G
It-s not in my past to presume,

                   D                        A
Love can keep on moving, in both directions.

      F               C       G
How to be happy and true,

              D                      A
Is the quest were taking on together,

Taking on-on-on-

Taking on-on-on on-on


There is alight when my baby is in my arms,

Then play the chorus four times.

I hope you like it-. again if there-s something wrong send I to me to:
Whoever has the little riff in the first part-. please mail it to me!!!
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