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Tab for "Patriot" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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This is the tab for Patriot, as covered by Pearl Jam (well, Vedder).

There is already a tab for it out there but it is wrong.

Intro:  D		G
	And the rivers shall open for the righteous...
	D		G
	And the rivers shall open for the righteous...
	D		G				  D	G
	And the rivers shall open for the righteous...someday

Verse:  	D    G		D     G
	I was walking with my brother
 		D      G	 A G
	And he wondered oh how I am.

	(repeat pattern)
		   Bm 			  A  G
	And there's no turning back this time.

Chorus:        D   G 		       D	G
	I am a patroit, and I love my country
		     D    G          A   G
	Because my country is all I know.

	(basically the same pattern as the verse)

its pretty straightforward.

Bridge-type thing:  (strum chord once each time)
			Bm	G
	And I ain't no communist

	And I ain't no socialist
			Bm	 G
	And I ain't no capitalist
			 Bm       G
	And I ain't no imperialist
			Bm      G
	And I ain't no democrat
			Bm	    G
	Sure ain't no republican either
		     Bm      G
	I only know one party
		   Bm     G
	And that is  freedom
	   D      G      A
	I am...I am...I am...

then its just the chorus again and the outro (same as intro).

-Guillermo Letona.
		 - tabs search engine
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