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Tab for "Oceans" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Song: Oceans
Artist: Pearl Jam

This song is off of ten. I noticed that everyone has a different
tab then what is in th hal leonard book for ten, but this is it.

E:              x     x
A:              4     4
D:0             6     6
G:2             6     6      repeat till "We're all allowed"
B:3             7     6          then as follows
E:2             x     x
  Hold...       Thread...

E:             x     x
A:5            7     7
D:7            9     9
G:7            9     8
B:7            7     7
E:             7     7
  Allowed...   rest...

        The rest of the song is mainly these parts repeated with the
        2 E Chords being strummed as th "ooooohhhhhhhhhh" part.
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