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Tab for "Leatherman" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Leatherman by Pearl tabbed by Brauney
-you can play D, Cadd9, G D if you cannot do the picking in Riff 1

|-----2----------3---------3---------2--------------------------------|  RIFF 1

I read about a man to whom I        Riff 1
may be related, he's leatherman.    Riff 1
Died a long time ago in the 18         Riff 1
80's...leatherman, leatherman.        Riff 1

 Am                       C            G
Covered with leather, but it was tight.
 Bm                       G            A             A
Underneath the moon in the woods at night...

 D         G            F            G
Makin' the rounds ten miles a day,
 D               G               F             G
Once a month they'd spot him, here's what they'd say...
   D            G           F           G
"Here he comes, he's a man of the land.  He's
     D          G             F          G
leatherman. Smile on his face, an axe in
      D               G             F             G               D          G       F   
his pack.  He's leatherman, leatherman, leatherman."

   C                     G                      F
Comes out of the caves once a day to be fed.
  C            F            C                   A
Wasn't known to say much but "Thanks for the bread."

So modern day I walk with my              Riff 1
jacket faded,  just like the man of          Riff 1
leather whom I may be related              Riff 1
Riff 1 (by itself once)

Am                                C                G
Rolled a cigarette, but when he asked for a light,
 Bm                    G            A
Appeared to be an animal, yet so polite.

 D         G           F          G
Makin' the rounds ten miles a day.
 D                     G                   F                      G
Once a month they'd spot him and here's what they'd say...
 D            G           F             G
"Here he comes, he's a man of the land,
    D           G                  F           G
he's leatherman, smile on his face,  axe in
     D            G                F               G
his hand,  he's leatherman, leatherman, leatherman."
     D                 G                F               G                  D             
G              F       F
.....................................leatherman, leatherman

F         G                  F
Shake his hand he's leatherman.
F         G                   F
Bake some bread he's leatherman.
F         G                    F
Shame he's dead. I saw his bed,
F           G                 D              G               F               G
It's all that's left of leatherman.
D         G          F        F
G           F       G        Bm
Give me some skin, leatherman
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