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Tab for "Dissident" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Here's a great song by Pearl Jam that's perfect for begginers who want to play and sing 
the same time.

This is a mix of the bass and second guitar parts. I've sortof intigrated them into 
so you can play and sing this song by yourself on an acustic, although clean electric would 
too.  If you want to get fancy, I guess overdrive it on the chorus and instrumental

Intro: (check out one of the other dissident tabs for the solo intro)
Dsus4  G

Verse 1:

C                      C
she nursed him there, over a night
C                    C
i wasn't so sure she wanted him to stay
C               C
what to say...what to say
C                      C
but soon she was down, soon he was low
C      C     C     C
at a quarter past...a holy no...

C C C C C C            G
she had to turn around
G        C             G
when she couldn't hold, oh...she folded...
G           C
a dissident is here
G                   C
escape is never, the safest path
G               G
a dissident, a dissident is here

Verse 2:
C               C
and to this day, she's glided on
C               C
always home but so far away
like a word misplaced
C             C
nothing said, what a waste
C                    C
when she had contact...with the conflict...
C                           C
there was meaning, but she sold him to the state


F5  G5  C5

Different Chorus:
G                   C                    G
she gave him away when she couldn't folded...
a dissident is here
G                    C           G
escape is never, the safest path
G           C            G
a dissident, a dissident is here
couldn't hold on...she couldn't folded...
a dissident is here
escape is never the safest place
a dissident is here

Well, hope i was of help, and all apologies to pearl jam
love ya like a brotha ultimate guitar!
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