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Tab for "Believe You Me" - Pearl Jam Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Believe you Me
Pearl Jam
Tabbed by Nick Key (

standard tuning.


Repeat until drum fill

Repeat until "I don't want to..."

---------------------------| |--------------|
---------------------------| |--------------| 
--0-0-0-3-3----------------| |--0-0-0-3-3---|
------------0-3-3-0-3-3-0--| |------------0-|

Play verse until drum fill.

Fast Part:
2x                      2x
|---------------------| |----------------------|
|---------------------| |----------------------|  
|---------------------| |-0-33-0-33-0-33-0-33--|
|-0-33-0-33-0-33-0-33-| |----------------------| 

Play that whole thing (Fig. 1) 4 times through, then:

Play verse until end

2x                        2x
|-----------------------| |-4---4---4---4------|
|-----------------------| |---4---4---4---4----|  
|-----------------------| |--------------------|
|---0-33-0-33-0-33-0-33-| |--------------------|

Play that whole thing 2 times, then play figure 1 4 more times.
Play verse until end.  End on G

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