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Tab for "Back Of Boogaloo" - Beatles Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Artist:The Beatles (Ringo Starr)
Title:Back off Boogaloo
Tabbed by:Ronny ?sterud

F                                                        Bb               F
Back off, Boogaloo, I said, back off, Boogaloo, come on, back of Bogaloo, boo
F                                                            Bb                   F
Back off, Boogaloo, what d'yer think you're gonna do I got a flash right from the start
Get yourself together now and give me something tasty
                             Ab                  C
Ev'rything you try to do you know it suremsounds wasted
Back off, Boogaloo, I said, back off Boogaloo, you think you're a groove
                                                Bb                    F
Standing there in your wallpaper shoes and your socks that match your eyes
F                                                       Bb       F
Back off, Boogaloo, I said, back off Boogaloo, come on, back off Boogaloo

Ab - xx6544
Bb - xx3331
C  - x32010
F  - xx3211
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