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Tab for "Warmness On The Soul" - Avenged Sevenfold Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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This is my first tab - enjoy!!

Piano intro: (1 bar each)

||: Em | C | G | D :||

Verse 1 ("Your hazel green tint eyes...)

||Em | C | G | D || x 4

"And in you I confide"
                 | C | D | G G/F# | Em D | C | D |

Verse 2 ("And we have gone through good and bad times...")

||Em | C | G | D || x 4

 "I gave my heart to you
| C          D        Em  

   "I gave my heart cos nothing can compare in this world to you, woaho
| C           D         G       G/F#   Em           D        C       D

Guitar solo

| G | D | Em | Em | C | G | D | D | C | D |G G/F# | Em D | C | D | 

Verse 3 (Same as verse 2)


Piano solo (same as verse 2)


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