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Tab for "Space Invaders Intro" - Arctic Monkeys Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Arctic Monkeys
Space Invaders
Although just the intro, the rest of the song pretty much follows the same pattern ..
Standard Tuning

b : Bend
p : Pull off
/ : Normal Slide
//: Quick slide
X : mute
(11): not that important

D|--12 -xx- 12 -xx- 15 -15---------3h5p3-- 12 -xx- 12 -xx- 15 -15--|
A|--12 -xx- 12 -xx- 15 -15------3h5------- 12 -xx- 12 -xx- 15 -15--|
E|--10 -xx- 10 -xx- 13 -15--/3h5---------- 10 -xx- 12 -xx- 15 -15--|

e|-------------------------       ---------------------------|
B|-------------------------       ---------------------------|
G|----------------------12b   OR  -------------------10h12bb-|  whichever you
D|--7-///-10h12p10h12/15---       --7-///-10h12p10h12--------|  can do
A|-------------------------       ---------------------------|  quickest
E|-------------------------       ---------------------------|
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