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Tab for "No Buses" - Arctic Monkeys Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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No Buses tab


E C#m G#m A A*(12th fret) E 
A F#m(9th on A) G#m(11th...) C# F#m 

E    C#m              G#m
Lady, where has your love gone?
       A                 A*            E     E7
I was looking but can't find it anywhere
A             F#m                  G#m          C#
They always opt for when there's loads of love around
G#m                                      B                 E
But, when you're short of some, it's nowhere to be found

Same chords:

Well, I know your game, you told him yesterday
No chance; you'll get nothin from me
But now she's there, you're there, everybody's there
He's in turmoil, as puzzled as can be
E       E7
Just like me

          A             G#
Let's go down, down, low down
          C#m               F#m
Where I know I should not go
         A                      G#
Oh and she thinks shes the one
                C#m  F#m
But she's just one in 24
               A    A        A
And just cos everybodys doin' it
              G#      G#    G#
Does that mean that I can, too?

The rest of the song uses those chords other than the breakdown part. Please feel free 
use mine if you want to add to it.

Gareth Hooper
		 - tabs search engine
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