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Plug In Baby Intro
by Muse  Rating 4
Live And Let Die
by Paul Mccartney  Rating 4
by Sublime  Rating 4
Dysentary Gary
by Blink 182  Rating 4
Coldplay Medley
by Doyle Dykes  Rating 4
by Red Hot Chili Peppers  Rating 4
San Man Patungo
by Parokya Ni Edgar  Rating 4
Live And Let Die
by Guns N Roses  Rating 4
by Junoon  Rating 4
by Rolling Stones  Rating 4
by Killradio  Rating 4
In My Place Intro
by Coldplay  Rating 4
by Rolling Stones  Rating 4
Wont Back Down
by Tom Petty  Rating 4
by America  Rating 4
Holy Diver Solo
by Killswitch Engage  Rating 4
Blue In Green
by Miles Davis  Rating 4
When You Tell Me That You Love Me
by Westlife  Rating 4
by Bert Jansch  Rating 4
by Rolling Stones  Rating 4
by Johnny Cash  Rating 4
Through Glass
by Stone Sour  Rating 4
Tears In Heaven Solo
by Eric Clapton  Rating 4
Your Guardian Angel
by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  Rating 4
Nothing Else Matters Solo
by Metallica  Rating 4
You And Me
by Lifehouse  Rating 4
Still Got The Blues Solo
by Gary Moore  Rating 4
Where Did You Sleep Last Night
by Nirvana  Rating 4
by Tenacious D  Rating 4
Shape Of My Heart Intro
by Sting  Rating 4
Rock You Like A Hurricane Solo
by Scorpions  Rating 4
Wanted Dead Or Alive Intro
by Bon Jovi  Rating 4
Layla Intro
by Eric Clapton  Rating 4
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
by Mamas And The Papas  Rating 4
Stand By Me Intro
by John Lennon  Rating 4
Nothing Else Matters Solo
by Metallica  Rating 4
Thunderhorse Intro
by Dethklok  Rating 4
Tell Me Baby
by Red Hot Chili Peppers  Rating 4
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
by Judy Garland  Rating 4
My Immortal Acoustic
by Evanescence  Rating 4
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